TV Series-Fever Relapses Are Embarassing, Dangerous Stuff That Can (Seldom) Be Avoided


I swear I’ve no intention to be dragged again in the pit of hellish comedy malfunction disaster that is season four (but also three and two and… wait.) of GLEE, so (cough) I hope you don’t mind my need to put down in words what follows: Chris Colfer, that bit of Come What May acting (okay, mostly it was Kurt’s looks, to be fair) you pulled off in last night episode was way too Byronian(ish) for me not to wordvomit over it just for a little while. Let’s just say Kurt’s face during the slow-dance sequence was a much appreciated, long-awaited hint of believable character development. Thank you, stunted emotional outbursts. Also, Blaine was a less-than-usual hot cutie with dangerously flammable hair, which is kind of an improvement, I imagine. Your nail-polished, curly soul is in there somewhere, Darren, darling. The canopy was super-useful for all that symbolic little coreography but not less ugly and pompous for it. Sweet little touch with the Bugs Bunny style door. Ryan Murphy your Chris-love is showing. As usual.